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Overview of DataGr8

DataGr8 services and supported products are designed to help customers operate more efficiently by removing the pressure of maintaining the IT environment giving the customer the ability to rather attend to pressing business challenges. We do this by combining our technology expertise with advanced services in the design, planning and deployment of sophisticated IT solutions requirements, thereby meeting or exceed enterprise business expectations. Our solution suite is the most comprehensive on the market and is backed by extensive domain expertise, proven processes, the latest available technology and highly skilled people.


Dell | EMC Reseller

DataGr8 has been reselling EMC since September 2009 and has a skilled team that is ready to assist with:

  • DataDomain

  • Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)

  • RecoverPoint

  • VXRail


Dell SourceOne Email Archive Services

The chosen partner for Dell in Africa, we provide SourceOne manage services and implementation services that includes:

  • Reduce cost and risk through in-house, accurate and defensible eDiscovery processes

  • Leverage in-place indexing and in-place legal hold capabilities

  • Conduct early case assessment with extensive searching, analytics, and first-pass review in English.

  • Enforce defensible litigation hold, send legal surveys, and manage eDiscovery workflows with complete chain of custody

  • Apply sophisticated analytics to identify privileged, relevant, and naon-relevant data

  • Optimize search and analytics with advanced, dynamic concept search

  • Perform collaborative and distributed review and provide detailed case management reporting.


File Archive Services

DataGr8 provide file archive manage services and implementation services that includes:

  • Minimize file storage costs and improve backup efficiency through seamless, open, policy-based tiering and archiving

  • Redirect storage growth to less expensive on-premise and/or cloud-based storage solutions

  • Eliminate vendor lock-in through standards-based, open software architecture and file migration

  • Reduce risk and enable disaster tolerance through off-site and cloud-based copies of important data

  • Reduce complexity by combining backup and archiving into a single software engine

  • Simplify adoption with a seamless user experience and a phased implementation schedule


DataDobi Services

The chosen partner for DataDobi in Africa, we provide NAS to NAS ,CAS to CAS ,CAS to S3 and NAS to S3 migrations

  • DobiMiner gives you complete control of your storage platform migration projects so you can maximize the value of your new storage. DobiMiner helps make the move between storage platforms quickly, efficiently, predictably, and cost effectively while always giving you complete visibility at each stage of the migration.

  • DobiMiner is purpose-built next-generation NAS and CAS migration software that helps businesses optimize their storage platform transition. DobiMiner helps customers align all phases of a technology transition from an initial assessment through final monitoring and reporting.


CYBREYE Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

DataGr8’s partnership with CYBREYE® as true experts and distributors of innovative and industry leading technologies enables us to present our customers with more relevant solutions

The importance of effective security management and more so maintaining up to date and effective security management is important to provide structure and safety to a business always ensuring all vulnerabilities are covered. Information security is a key component to business continuity and an enabler of compliance and governance enforcement considering the latest regulatory developments such as POPI and GDPR.

CYBREYE® technology convey Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment whilst providing a clear, proven strategy to:

  • Identify all known vulnerabilities with the highest threat vector engine available in the market place. (154 000 know threats)

  • Identify configuration weaknesses that could negatively affect your organization’s security posture or compliance status.

  • Enumerate all findings though a detailed report after ensuring that no false positives exists through the compilation of the report.

  • Provide an optimized remediation roadmap with actionable tasks that needs to be executed in reducing the customers security and risk profile.

  • Guarantee the most cost effective and time efficient roadmap to security and regulatory compliance standards


CYBREYE® Remediation

DataGr8’s partnered in Africa with CYBREYE® to provide remediation services based on the optimized remediation roadmap created during Penetration testing & Vulnerability Assessments.



DataGr8 is a reseller for a technology called Seecrypt. Seecrypt is the global solution for trusted mobile communications, providing private, real-time messaging, secure voice and conference calling along with encrypted file sharing. With Seecrypt every message, every call, is protected by high-grade, authenticated, end-to-end encryption.

Seecrypt is available for Apple Macs and Windows PCs, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile devices


DataGr8 differentiators

  • Tried-and-tested services – Currently about 40 customers in SADAC use our services. Some of our services have been around since 2009.

  • Customer satisfaction – We are conscious of the fact that our customers play a huge part in our success and we cherish these relationships. An average of 98% of our customers renew their annual maintenance each year. 

  • Strong partner network – The success of DataGr8 is in part founded on its strong partnerships. Our philosophy and partner network ensure that customers benefit from these relationships and have local support and presence.

  • Years of experience have allowed DataGr8 to develop procedures and methodologies enforced with the management and migration of IT landscapes ensuring a stable environment.


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