DataGr8 Black business unit specializes in providing security services. In today’s highly digitised world, having a capable security team and technology to protect customers from cyber threats has become imperative.


The typical focus is vulnerability assessment driven, DataGr8 Black acknowledge that maturity in vulnerability management assist in transitioning this process into a more mature management process towards a risk approach and inevitably a proactive solution.

DataGr8 Black uses our propriety solution called Seekat as a Vulnerability Management Guidance Framework to assist customers in achieving the highest level of vulnerability maturity as the departure point towards proactive security on an operational level. Our philosophy of a top-down approach rather than bottom-up allows us to guide remediation through a cyber security strategy and compliance based risk model, that support the business strategy Seekat solution allows the ingestion of compliance aligned vulnerability assessment data, such as ISO 27001, NIST 800 etc, that aids in aligning the vulnerability management remediation process towards effective and efficient compliance and risk management. In order to depart on a journey towards Cyber resilience, DataGr8 Black starts by providing a comprehensive, single pane of glass for risk based visibly into an organization’s vulnerabilities.

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