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Green - Data Source
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Data Source


The fourth industrial revolution, along with technologies such as IoT, allows us to improve efficiencies across various industries by harnessing AI on large portions of organizational data and embracing improved accountability toward carbon neutrality.  Galooli proudly serves as the leading innovator in sustainable, efficient, and cost-saving remote energy management. 


M-Files is a global leader in information management. The M-Files metadata-driven content management platform enables knowledge workers to instantly find the correct information in any context, automate business processes, and enforce information control.

Blue - Data Traversal Medium

Data Traversal Medium


Evolution in networking technologies, such as MPLS to SD-WAN, creates large voids between old and new deployments.  As important as a quality data source is, so too is the quality and reliability of the next generation of transmission.  DataGr8 partners with Calix as a provider of cloud and software platforms, systems, and software for unified access networks and smart premises systems.

Red - Data Storage
White - Management

Adopt or stay behind

IoT Solutions

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Data Storage & Backup


DataGr8 knows the importance and reliance on data when adopting a data-driven approach requires organisations to ensure that relevant and sufficient data storage architectures are in place. Additionally, critical to this is ensuring that the proper backup and disaster recovery technologies are in place to recover the necessary business processes and their supporting data. Dell Technologies is a long-standing partner of DataGr8 to deliver these technologies.


For our customers that are either busy with, have started, or even completed their cloud adoption strategies, AvePoint is a must-have. No matter if it is for migration or backup. AvePoint is the leader in Multi-SaaS Backup. They provide cloud Backup Solutions for Microsoft 365, Salesforce®, Dynamics 365, Azure Active Directory & Virtual Machines, and Google Workspace. It is important to remember that Cloud Providers Protect their Service – not your data! 

Black - Security

Data Management, Orchestration,
and Analytics


The true value derived from a data-driven approach stems from the ability to translate the data into business intelligence in a manner that is simple yet effective.  The outcome from such intelligence is not just strategic but can hold significant value when the intelligence starts to drive process automation.  This process automation can either be done in isolation or as part of data orchestration.

Customers looking to orchestrate all their existing IT systems and data will best benefit from a comprehensive Affectli deployment.  Affectli is a trusted Business Operating System that orchestrates disparate systems & data seamlessly into a single real-time overview of the organization.  Affectli is not a rip & replace solution.


Often customers require that data migration take place for their unstructured environment as part of their cloud migration.  DataGr8 partners with Datadobi which is the global leader in unstructured data management, bringing order to heterogeneous unstructured storage and hybrid-cloud environments via our StorageMAP and DobiMigrate solutions.


Data and Infrastructure Security


The most important part of adopting a data-driven approach is ensuring the security of all IT infrastructure and network components that facilitate the entire process.  At DataGr8, we firmly believe that taking a risk-based approach to vulnerability management is key to ensuring both ROI on security solutions and managing cyber incident risk.  Nucleus is the only Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Platform purpose-built for the world’s most complex enterprises.

Microsoft Defender for IoT

For OT and IoT vulnerability management, DataGr8 has partnered with Microsoft. Microsoft Defender for IoT helps customers accelerate digital transformation with comprehensive security across your IoT/OT infrastructure.

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